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Errementari: El herrero y el diablo

Errementari: El herrero y el diablo

Errementari: The blacksmith and the devil In a small town in Álava, years after the first Carlist War of 1833, a government commissioner named Alfredo (Ramón Aguirre) investigates an event that takes him to a sinister blacksmith shop. There, in the depths of the forest, lives a dangerous and lonely blacksmith named Patxi (Kandido Uranga). The villagers tell terrifying stories about this blacksmith, related to robberies, murders and demonic pacts. An orphan girl named Usue (Uma Bracaglia) will be the one who, by chance, manages to sneak into the mysterious smithy, uncovering the terrible truth behind Patxi the Blacksmith.

This gothic tale of terror based on a popular myth of Basque folklore is Paul Urkijo’s feature film debut and features the production of Álex de la Iglesia ( Skins, Musarañas ). His cast is formed by Kandido Urdanga ( When you stop loving me ), Eneko Sagardoy ( Handia ), Ramón Aguirre ( The people of the Universal ), Itziar Ituño ( An autumn without Berlin ), José Ramón Argoitia ( Paper Birds ), besides the girl Uma Bracaglia. Fanpelis.com

Duracion: 98 min

Calidad: HD1080P


IMDb: 6.4